Jan 16th2015
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West Week Ever – 1/16/15

John Travolta’s bald and he doesn’t care if we know it now! Apparently, this Justin Jones dude ran into Travolta at a Planet Fitness. There’s so much...

Jan 09th2015

West Week Ever – 1/9/15

Welcome to 2015! I hope, by now, you’ve all had a chance to read West YEAR Ever. If not, you can do it now. I’ll wait. Good?...

Jan 07th2015
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West YEAR Ever – 2014

The time has come to say goodbye to another year, and boy was 2014 a doozy! They say that every day is a blessing, but that was...

Dec 29th2014

West Week Ever – 12/29/14

My birthday was pretty low-key last Tuesday, as most of my family members were under the weather. So, I spent the night clearing off the DVR. What...

Dec 19th2014

West Week Ever – 12/19/14

Welcome to post #900! Actually, I’ve written a whole lot more than that, but I cleaned up my archives a few years ago, so this is post...

Dec 12th2014
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West Week Ever – 12/12/14

Can someone pinpoint when Bruce Willis just stopped even trying? I watched A Good Day To Die Hard a few days ago, and it just as easily...

Dec 05th2014

West Week Ever – 12/5/14

So, this whole time I’ve been watching Netflix, I totally forgot that I have movie channels as part of my cable package now. So, over the past...

Nov 25th2014

The Power Rangers Save Thanksgiving!

Unless you’re new to this site, then you already know of my love for all things Power Rangers. That’s why I had to post this story when...

Nov 19th2014

West Week Ever – 11/21/14

  Well, I can tell you who’s NOT having the West Week Ever: Bill Cosby. My how the mighty have fallen! Unless you’ve been hiding under a...

Nov 07th2014

West Week Ever – 11/7/14

  Portlandia season 4 finally made it to Netflix, so I’ve been bingewatching it this week. It’s everything I’ve come to expect from the show, meaning it’s...