Jun 20th2014

West Week Ever – 6/20/14

So, I took a week off. No one seemed to notice, so I guess you either had an awesome Friday OR nobody reads these things. Anyway, I...

Jun 06th2014

West Week Ever – 6/6/14

      So, I finally saw Ted. I guess to commemorate the release of A Million Ways To Die In The West, Ted was brought back...

May 30th2014

West Week Ever – 5/30/14

This week, I learned that my mother likes the song “Roar”, but thought it was by Rihanna. She’s also never heard of Katy Perry…   I finally...

May 23rd2014

West Week Ever – 5/23/14

    Girl Meets World has already premiered on Disney WATCH, Disney’s online on-demand site. I’m tempted to go watch it, but they make you enter your cable...

May 20th2014

Upfronts with Will – CBS Edition

Finally, here were are at CBS. I’d have to say that CBS has the least ambitious schedule of the Big 4 next season. They’re playing it safe...

May 19th2014

Upfronts with Will – NBC Edition

Man, NBC has not been having a lot of luck when it comes to programming. Were it not for The Voice, they’d be dead in the water....

May 16th2014

West Week Ever – 5/16/14

    Jay-Z and his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, got into a fight in an elevator. Yup, kinda like that scene in The Winter Soldier. I really don’t...

May 15th2014

Upfronts with Will – ABC Edition

ABC has Modern Family and Scandal. That’s pretty much all you need to know. They don’t have a ton of failures like NBC, but they also don’t...

May 14th2014

Upfronts with Will – Fox Edition

This is the week that dreams are made of in the world of television. The network “upfronts” take place, where networks present the shows and schedules that...

May 09th2014

West Week Ever – 5/9/14

The week started off with The Simpsons LEGO special. Plainly put, I wasn’t impressed. Seeing as how I’m the only person in America who didn’t see The LEGO...