Oct 10th2014

West Week Ever – 10/10/14

  First of all, thanks to everyone for the kind words in regards to my West BABY Ever?! post. We’re all excited at West HQ, and we’ve...

Oct 06th2014

West BABY Ever?!

In March 2015, a new hero will rise…

Oct 03rd2014
photovisi-download (1)

West Week Ever – 10/3/14

The week started off with a trip to Retrocon, where I finally got to meet @Classickmateria, and I was reunited with @LamarRevenger. I made the journey with...

Sep 25th2014

West Week Ever – 9/26/14

  The week started out with me in CT, taking part in the Warrior Dash. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a mud run obstacle...

Sep 17th2014

West Week Ever – 9/19/14

  The first set pic has come from the Powers set, and I’m not impressed. I’ve been following the casting in prior editions of West Week Ever,...

Sep 16th2014
will west with green ranger

Wizard World Richmond 2014 – A $25 Show at Twice The Price

So, that title isn’t too optimistic. At the end of the day, it was a good experience, but it wasn’t without its issues. I’d never been to...

Sep 12th2014

West Week Ever – 9/12/14

Last week, I mentioned that I’d wait til this week to cover all the Netflixin’ I’ve been doing lately. Well, first up is Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac....

Sep 09th2014
Yes, Superman is wearing heels. And yes, he was being led around by a leash. Emily's doing the honors in this pic.

Baltimore Comic-Con 2014 In Pictures

Well, another year, another trip to the Baltimore Comic-Con. This year, I didn’t make it until Sunday, even though this was the first year it was expanded...

Sep 05th2014

West Week Ever – 9/5/14

  On the Netflix front, I’ve watched a few things, but we’ll get to most of that next week. This week, however, I did watch Lavell Crawford:...

Sep 02nd2014

Jimi Jamison : 1951-2014

I’m sure some folks say that I could’ve waited until West Week Ever for this, but there’s something about West Week Ever that I don’t think I’ve...