Sep 25th2015
West Week Ever – 9/25/15

West Week Ever – 9/25/15

Welcome to the West Week Ever Late Express Edition! I’m actually traveling but the show must go on, right? Since tablet WordPress is a bitch, there won’t...

Sep 22nd2015
You never see Putties! I'm glad these Rangers were there to save me.

Retro Con 2015 In Pictures

Last weekend, I made my 3rd trip to Retro Con in Oaks, PA. If you’re not familiar with Retro Con, it’s a fairly new pop culture convention...

Sep 18th2015

West Week Ever – 9/18/15

Welcome to a mega-sized edition of West Week Ever! I’m sorry I took a week off, but I had a pretty serious toothache that had the whole...

Sep 04th2015

West Week Ever – 9/4/15

So, this week I finally got around to watching Snowpiercer. I’d heard nothing but great things about it, but it had taken me forever to finally sit...

Aug 28th2015

West Week Ever – 8/28/15

The only thing I watched this week of note was Amy Winehouse BBC Sessions 2007 – Live at Porchester Hall. Apparently, I have some channel called Palladia,...

Aug 21st2015

West Week Ever – 8/21/15

Man, did this week suck! Work is kinda kicking my ass, so this might be a short one this week. This seemed like the week of lost...

Aug 14th2015

West Week Ever – 8/14/2015

Last week, I said that the Deadpool trailer had the West Week Ever, even though I don’t really agree with how the movie’s being marketed. My friend...

Aug 07th2015

West Week Ever – 8/7/15

This week, Joel McHale confirmed what most of us already knew – that Community is over. He explained that Yahoo wanted another season for their Yahoo Screen...

Jul 31st2015
photovisi-download (4)

West Week Ever – 7/31/15

  I swear, more effort went into the effects on that poster than in the entire movie itself. Anyway, after the hubbub died down for Sharknado 3:...

Jul 24th2015
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West Week Ever – 7/24/15

  Welcome back to your favorite place to get pop culture news. Well, at least I hope it is! So, over the week, I watched the movie...