Jun 01st2015

Awesome Con 2015 Cosplay Gallery

This past Saturday, I attended the 3rd annual Awesome Con in Washington, DC. I’d actually never been to the show in previous years, though I was aware...

May 29th2015
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West Week Ever – 5/29/15

  I watched a couple of documentaries this week. First up was Seeking Asian Female, part of the Independent Lens series  on PBS. It follows an older...

May 22nd2015

West Week Ever – 5/22/15

So, this week I watched The Wedding Ringer. Let me be clear – I had no intention of watching this movie. However, I signed up for Redbox...

May 18th2015
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Thrift Justice: YSE – Holy Deal, Batman!

Well, welcome back to Thrift Justice: Yard Sale Edition. If it’s your first time here, this is where I share my hauls from yard sales, as opposed...

May 15th2015
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West Week Ever – 5/15/15 (Upfronts Edition)

  This is gonna be a long one, so strap in and get comfortable. Last year, I did daily posts about the network upfronts announcing their new...

May 08th2015

West Week Ever – 5/8/15

The only thing I watched of note was Avengers: Age of Ultron for a second time. I’ve got to say that I enjoyed it much more upon...

May 01st2015

West Week Ever – 5/1/15

On the movie front, I watched The Signal. If you’ve never seen it, 3 college kids are on a road trip that goes awry. They’ve been taunted...

Apr 24th2015
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West Week Ever – 4/24/15

This was a week of me binge-watching short comedy series online. I started things out with Other Space on Yahoo Screen. I mentioned the show in last...

Apr 17th2015
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West Week Ever – 4/17/15

The week started out with the debut of the newest Ant-Man trailer. I’ve got to say that I’m getting more excited about this movie the closer that...

Apr 10th2015
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West Week Ever – 4/10/15

So, with the baby and all, I haven’t had a ton of time to watch stuff. That said, I did get around to finally watching Tron, or...