Mar 17th2015

Much Ado About Batgirl

So, usually I’d just let this kind of thing go, or just drop a casual mention of it in West Week Ever, but I was inspired to...

Mar 13th2015

West Week Ever – 3/13/15

So, I had a bunch of snow days last week, and just didn’t have the motivation to write. We’re back now, however, and we’ve got a lot...

Feb 27th2015
photovisi-download (10)

West Week Ever – 2/27/15

  No, I’m not gonna talk about that dress… The week started off with me watching After Earth, starring the men of the Smith clan. I know...

Feb 20th2015
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West Week Ever – 2/20/15

  At the top of the week, I watched A.C.O.D., or Adult Children of Divorce. It stars Adam Scott as an adult whose parents divorced when he...

Feb 13th2015

West Week Ever – 2/13/15

  So, I decided to put a dent in my DVRed movies, so I checked out The Purge. If you’ve never seen it, it takes place in...

Feb 11th2015

The Best Backstreet Boys Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard

So, I was inspired to compile this playlist after watching the Backstreet Boys documentary Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of. The goal of the documentary was to...

Feb 06th2015

West Week Ever – 2/6/15

Well, the week started out with me watching Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of. I’d known of this documentary for a while, but I had...

Feb 01st2015

Ricardo Medina Jr: Power Ranger, Murderer

No, that’s not the name of some I’ll-advised Power Rangers spinoff. It actually happened. A few years back, there was a news story about a Power Rangers...

Jan 30th2015

West Week Ever – 1/30/15

I’m back on a standup kick, so the week started out with me watching Kyle Kinane: I Liked His Old Stuff Better. I’m still trying to get...

Jan 29th2015

The Best Pop Album of 2014…That You Didn’t Know Existed

Oooh, let’s see if that linkbaity headline does the trick. To say I’m a fan of boybands would be an understatement. I’m more like a curator of...