Oct 28th2016

West Week Ever: Pop Culture In Review – 10/28/16

The only movie I watched this week was a documentary called Meet The Hitlers, which followed the lives of people who have the name “Hitler”. Surprisingly, the...

Oct 26th2016

Comical Thoughts – IDW Presents A Revolution You Can Skip

For some time now, IDW has been the comic home of Hasbro’s biggest properties, including G.I. Joe and Transformers. They recently added Micronauts, Rom: SpaceKnight and UK import...

Oct 21st2016

West Week Ever: Pop Culture In Review – 10/21/16

On TV, I caught the HBO series Insecure. Everyone’s talking about Westworld, but nobody’s really talking about this. Created by and starring Issa Rae of Awkward Black...

Oct 19th2016

Adventures West Coast – Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol 1

  Wonder Woman: Earth One is the least “Grant Morrison” project I’ve ever read from Morrison, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a...

Oct 14th2016

West Week Ever: Pop Culture In Review – 10/14/16

Oct 07th2016

West Week Ever: Pop Culture In Review – 10/7/16

  So, I surprised even myself by going to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. This movie wasn’t even really on my radar, but my friend,...

Sep 23rd2016

West Week Ever: Pop Culture In Review – 9/23/16

So I started a new job last week, and it has drastically changed my life. I used to roll into work whenever I wanted, blog, tweet, the...

Sep 16th2016

West Week Ever: Pop Culture In Review – 9/16/16

I didn’t really watch anything this week, but I did kick things off by checking out Monday Night Raw, live in Baltimore. Here’s my recap of the...

Sep 14th2016

Ooh Baby I Like It Raw: My First Live Wrestling Experience

I suffer from the fact that I belong to too many fandoms. Throughout my life, I’ve found myself “retiring” from some in order to join others. Just...

Sep 09th2016

West Week Ever: Pop Culture In Review – 9/9/16

Welcome to the 1,000th post at WilliamBruceWest.com! Well, technically, I hit 1,000 posts years ago, but when I switched over from Blogger to WordPress, I deleted several...