Aug 07th2015

West Week Ever – 8/7/15

This week, Joel McHale confirmed what most of us already knew – that Community is over. He explained that Yahoo wanted another season for their Yahoo Screen...

Jul 31st2015
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West Week Ever – 7/31/15

  I swear, more effort went into the effects on that poster than in the entire movie itself. Anyway, after the hubbub died down for Sharknado 3:...

Jul 24th2015
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West Week Ever – 7/24/15

  Welcome back to your favorite place to get pop culture news. Well, at least I hope it is! So, over the week, I watched the movie...

Jul 17th2015
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West Week Ever – 7/17/15

    It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these that I’m gonna have to kick the dust off everything. Basically, brace yourself for a...

Jun 26th2015
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West Week Ever – 6/26/15

I watched absolutely nothing this week, so I’ve got nothing for this part of the post. Oh wait – I did watch The Briefcase on CBS. Have...

Jun 19th2015

West Week Ever – 6/19/15

  What a week, what a week. Sigh… First up, I rented Hot Tub Time Machine 2 from Redbox. This is the type of movie that Redbox...

Jun 16th2015
jurassic world gate

The Price of Admission: The Socioeconomic & Racial Implications of Jurassic World

Let’s talk about Jurassic World – namely about the socioeconomic status of the people who visit the park. I asked this question when the movie was first announced,...

Jun 12th2015
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West Week Ever – 6/12/15

  I watched a LOT of stuff this week, so let’s get to it! First on the docket was a documentary on Netflix called Hot Girls Wanted,...

Jun 05th2015
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West Week Ever – 6/5/15

The first thing I watched this week was This Is Where I Leave You, featuring an all-star cast including Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda and more....

Jun 04th2015

Comical Thoughts – Batman, and Archie, and Jem! Oh, My!

So, I did something that I haven’t done in a LONG time – I actually read all of my Wednesday comics on release day. For the past...