Dec 06th2013

West Week Ever – 12/6/13

We’re back! Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? I thought about writing last Friday, but how many of you would’ve actually read it? Not many, I presume....

Dec 02nd2013
2013-11-23 14_opt

Virginia Comicon (& Rob Liefeld) In Pictures

I know I said that my convention season was over, but “just when I thought I was out…” Here’s some backstory. It’s funny how you can meet...

Nov 25th2013
2013-11-24 23_opt

Mail Call Monday – Facts & Figures

Welcome to the return of Mail Call Monday! I’ve been a bit of an eBay whore lately, so I’ve gotten quite a few packages. I wish I...

Nov 22nd2013

West Week Ever – 11/22/13

Who knew you guys would like a post about Pure Moods?! That was my most popular post in a LONG time. Hell, it even did better than...

Nov 19th2013

Pure Moods and The Loss of Innocence

  I can’t believe I never wrote about this sooner. Anyway, I took piano lessons for about 10 years. While I was supposed to be learning classical...

Nov 15th2013

West Week Ever – 11/15/13

  I saw Thor: The Dark World over the weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised. That said, I never really go into a Thor movie expecting much,...

Nov 13th2013
2013-11-09 22_opt (7)

Thrift Justice – Fleas and Thank You, Xuxa

Man, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Basically, there just hasn’t been a lot of awesome stuff out in these streets. The thrift stores have dried up, while...

Nov 08th2013

West Week Ever – 11/8/13

Welcome to the one year anniversary of West Week Ever! That’s right – you’ve been with me for 51 of these things (we missed a week), and...

Nov 01st2013

West Week Ever – 11/1/13

Happy Half Price Candy Day!   Last weekend, the wife and I went to a Halloween party where one of us put a lot of thought into...

Oct 24th2013

West Week Ever – 10/25/13 – Trekkies CAN Be Warsies!

  This is a special West Week Ever this week, as I decided to tackle one of my pop culture blind spots: the original Star Wars trilogy....