Sep 06th2013

West Week Ever – 9/6/13

Can I just say that I can’t stand “campers”? Let me explain: campers are the folks who just camp out in a store at the expense of...

Sep 04th2013
2013-06-22 20_opt

Thrift Justice – Walk On By

I’m back! Thrift Justice has been on a mini hiatus, but I figured it was time to get back to basics. By now, you’ve come to realize...

Sep 03rd2013

Introducing…Track Star!

I like “bad” music. Of course I don’t consider it bad, but in the court of public opinion, my favorite musical acts would be considered bad. At...

Aug 30th2013

West Week Ever – 8/30/13

So, I can’t really start this post without acknowledging MLK and the March on Washington, or else The Council will come after me and my Black License...

Aug 23rd2013

West Week Ever – 8/23/13

   I haven’t given a Netflix update in a bit. Once I finished binge-watching The IT Crowd, I found myself watching End of Watch. Let me explain...

Aug 15th2013

West Week Ever – 8/16/13

  I wasn’t sure this post was gonna happen. You see, I’ve been having hosting problems lately. It appears that the minute you get the slightest uptick...

Aug 11th2013

Monday Musings – Skins Series 7 and the Close of a Franchise

I’ve written about my love of the UK drama Skins in the past, so it should come as no surprise that I did whatever I had to...

Aug 09th2013
2013-08-05 16.39.02

West Week Ever – 8/9/13

  So, to get this out of the way, Canada had the West Week Ever. Pourquoi, you might ask? Well, that’s because Lindsay and I spent the...

Aug 02nd2013

West Week Ever – 8/2/13

  I’ve come to realize that, due to regional differences, a lot of you may not have understood my post earlier this week. It’s not a funny...

Jul 30th2013

Pillow Talk

He leaned in and whispered to her, “Leave off the last ‘S’ for savings.” She looked at him quizzically. “The last ‘s’”, he said. “It’s for savings....