Jan 16th2014

Track Star: Mr. Mister Vs. Boy Meets Girl

Welcome to Track Star! Don’t know the rules? Read this first Today’s Challengers: Mr. Mister – Welcome To The Real World vs. Boy Meets Girl – Reel...

Jan 10th2014

West Week Ever – 1/10/14

Welcome to 2014! We’re back, ready to do this another year. While I had about a 2 week holiday break, I didn’t spend as much time with...

Jan 09th2014

West YEAR Ever – 2013

Well, 2013 has come and gone, but we couldn’t let it go without looking back one last time. I couldn’t really wrap my head around how to...

Jan 05th2014

Adventures West Coast – Saga Vol 1

OK, Saga. You won this round. I really didn’t want to like this series, and it took me several tries to actually get into it. I first...

Dec 20th2013

West Week Ever – 12/20/13

Well, let’s kick this off the way we usually do – movie reviews. This week, there’s a mix of Netflix and Redbox, as I couldn’t stream everything...

Dec 13th2013

West Week Ever – 12/13/13

SHIVAKAMINI SOMAKANDARKRAM! Sorry for that “Shiva Blast”, but I’ve been watching The League on Netflix for that past week. I’ve seen them all before, but it’s such...

Dec 06th2013

West Week Ever – 12/6/13

We’re back! Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? I thought about writing last Friday, but how many of you would’ve actually read it? Not many, I presume....

Dec 02nd2013
2013-11-23 14_opt

Virginia Comicon (& Rob Liefeld) In Pictures

I know I said that my convention season was over, but “just when I thought I was out…” Here’s some backstory. It’s funny how you can meet...

Nov 25th2013
2013-11-24 23_opt

Mail Call Monday – Facts & Figures

Welcome to the return of Mail Call Monday! I’ve been a bit of an eBay whore lately, so I’ve gotten quite a few packages. I wish I...

Nov 22nd2013

West Week Ever – 11/22/13

Who knew you guys would like a post about Pure Moods?! That was my most popular post in a LONG time. Hell, it even did better than...