27th Sep2013

West Week Ever – 9/27/13

by Will




So, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. debuted this week, and I’m bound by the Geek Council to mention that. I already wrote about my thoughts on the show a few months back. After watching the pilot, nothing’s changed. I didn’t hate it, but it’s also not my new favorite show. It was a little too “Whedon” for me. A lot of folks I follow have been comparing Whedon to Aaron Sorkin, where his tried and true tropes are beginning to wear thin. I agree with that assessment, especially when it comes to TV Whedon. I’m never Captain Race Card, but I do think the team could use more diversity. Two Europeans and not even an Agent Rodriguez or Agent Jenkins? I think this is a gross oversight that I hope might be rectified in season 2. Anyway, how long before the Chloe Bennett Maxim spread?

DADS: L-R: Martin Mull, Giovanni Ribisi, Seth Green and Peter Riegert. DADS premieres Tuesday, Sept. 17 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: FOX

I’ve heard that people like my TV assessments, but I didn’t feel invested enough in any new shows to do a whole post aboutthe fall season. Now that we’re a week into things, I do have a few thoughts. First off, let’s tackle the elephant in the room known as Dads. It’s clear that it only got on the schedule to appease Seth MacFarlane, but we can all agree that it’s horrible. It’s going to be DESTROYED by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at 8 PM, so it’s only a matter of time before Fox blinks and moves it. It would be PERFECT for the Sunday As-Long-As-Football-Doesn’t-Run-Late 7:30 slot. That’s where Fox’s multi cam sitcoms go to die. It’ll be close enough to the Animation Domination block to get that Seth “halo effect” without actually breaking up the flow of the animated shows. This will allow them to bring back Raising Hope a bit sooner than probably expected, but they have more invested in that show.

The next disappointment is Back in the Game on ABC, starring Psych‘s Maggie Lawson. She’s a recently divorced single mom who moves in with her estranged father who helps her coach her son’s ragtag little league team of losers. If you’ve seen The Bad News Bears, you already know how this works. I’m convinced that this show was presented to ABC execs as Maggie Lawson in Little Shorts and it was greenlit immediately. I wonder what this means for Psych, but they’ve been hinting at the end for some time. I mean, it’s gonna have 8 seasons! Anyway, ABC clearly doesn’t believe in the show because they would’ve given it the post-Modern Family timeslot. The Middle is a reliable player, but it’s not a proven lead-in, which is why Suburgatory was moved around in order for it to gain traction. No, the darling spot has been given to Rebel Wilson’s Super Fun Night, which looks terrible. It seems folks think Wilson’s gonna be the next Melissa McCarthy, but I see her as the next Sara Rue/Nicole Sullivan – always a bridesmaid, but never quite a bride.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is good. Really good. Even if Andy Samberg goes full retard sometimes. I worry about it going against S.H.I.E.L.D. and I think I see how this plays out. The Mindy Project has been a critical darling, but never the strongest performer. I see Fox giving Brooklyn the post-New Girl slot for a few weeks just to see if that helps things. New Girl‘s lead-in really helped Mindy, and I think it could do the same for Brooklyn. If it works, though, what does that mean for Mindy? Fox doesn’t have another night for comedy at the moment…


Speaking of questionable Fox choices, what’s the deal with the FX/FXX split? They shipped Sunny and The League over to the new FXX like it was a promotion, but was it? While Sunny is a longstanding performer for FX, it doesn’t have the clout of Archer or Louie – two shows that appear to be staying on FX. This almost seems like a vote of no confidence for FXX, especially when it could really benefit from having those two shows. What’s the point of FX as a network anyway, as everyone has already seen Taken and Iron Man by now. Isn’t that all they show? Are there big plans in store for FX other than burning off that 100-episode order of Anger Management?


Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Don Jon is such a “wait for Redbox” movie that I wouldn’t be surprised if they co-produced it. It’s about a guy who learned everything he knows about relationships from porn. He sounds like everyone I went to high school with.

Last week, I was honored to be a part of the Nerds of Color videocast “Hard N.O.C. Life”, with special guests Larry Hama and Joseph Illidge. If you’re reading this site, you already know Larry (he created most of the characters for G.I. Joe!), but you may not know that Joe was editor of the Batman titles during the late 90s storylines such as “No Man’s Land”. I’ve actually known Joe for years, but it was great to talk to him in this forum. We discussed diversity in comics, the anniversary of Milestone Media, and more. You can check out the show here.

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One is an aimless Fox show, while the other is an aimless Fox network. One is the TV version of The Avengers, while the other is the movie version of Jersey Shore. Only one, however, had the West Week Ever.


I may not have loved it but a LOT of people did, as it was the highest rated scripted show of the night.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was good television. I’m still not convinced it’s going to be a weekly destination for me, but I’m just one person. It set Twitter ablaze, with folks either discussing it or bitching about spoilers. This show is gonna be a hit, so I’d be a fool to think it didn’t have the West Week Ever.

20th Sep2013

West Week Ever – 9/20/13

by Will



So, last Saturday, Lindsay and I did the Color in Motion 5K. It was the first 5K for both of us, and it went pretty well. Like other color runs, there are stations set up along the route where volunteers NAIL you with a corn starch colored powder. For a good chunk of the race, I was blind in my left eye from where the red volunteer just went crazy on the left side of my face. Seeing as how a 5K is roughly 3 miles, I can say that I ran the first mile without stopping. Then, I realized I’d lost Lindsay, so I looked for her and we walked the rest of the way. Once done, I gave myself a baby wipes bath in the parking lot, and then headed up to Retro Con.


Retro Con, held outside of Philly, is a celebration of all things from the 80s and 90s. The vendors had everything from Transformers to Nintendo games. But I wasn’t there for the vendors. No, I was there for a mega Twitter meetup, as I’d finally get to meet a lot of my online friends for the first time. And it did not disappoint. Over the course of the day, I met @claymationhowl, @JohnDoctorKent, @FakeEyes22, @meistershake, @bmorin54, @doubledumbass, @P0LISHPHEN0M, @howardthedeck, @chapmanrunner, @monsterfink, and I reconnected with @lamarrevenger. Using the UnderScoopFire table as home base, we took turns taking tours of the place to see what we could find. Mostly we just found overpriced collectibles. I’d taken some Will’s World of Wonder stock to sell, but there weren’t many takers. In fact, it seemed like other dealers were doing most of the buying from each other. I had a rather tacky experience where I sold a Batman figure to a guy for $15. Later on, I found out he had a vendor table, and as I walked up, he tapped the figure, saying “Thanks for the hookup, man.” That’s when I noticed he had a $30 price tag on it. Needless to say, he ended up taking it home unsold. There were also retro cars like K.I.T.T., the General Lee, and the Back to the Future Delorean, but I ended up only seeing the DeLorean (I’d forgotten about the others until they had already left). Wanna see some pics?

I think I was this kid's first black experience. Even after I finished taking the pic, he continued to blast me until his mom made him stop.

I think I was this kid’s first black experience. Even after I finished taking the pic, he continued to blast me until his mom made him stop.


Flash Gordon and blerds!

Flash Gordon and blerds!


"I pity the fool who thinks I'm Chris Kirkpatrick!"

“I pity the fool who thinks I’m Chris Kirkpatrick from *NSYNC!”

Fighting evil by moonlight...

Fighting evil by moonlight…


It's my first Joe

It’s my first Joe!


Yeah, I collect Toy Fair catalogs, but there was no way I was paying $75 for this.

Yeah, I collect Toy Fair catalogs, but there was no way I was paying $75 for this.

This has become my most popular Instagram pic.

This has become my most popular Instagram pic.


In other news…

2013-09-19 07_opt

Since all the cool kids were talking about it, I decided to go out and seek some of those limited edition monster cereals that are hitting Target. Since Count Chockula and Boo Berry are kinda pedestrian, I went for the deeper cuts of Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute. I’d never had them growing up, as I wasn’t allowed to have much sugary cereal. So, what did I think? As an adult fan of sugary cereals, I was disappointed. Yummy Mummy is described as “orange cream flavored”, but it misses something. You see, I expected it to be infused with a citrusy twang, but it’s really just “orange” in scent and surface. At the end of the day, it’s just another sweetened corn cereal, but it doesn’t really do as much for its fruit side as Froot Loops or Crunchberries do. I killed the box yesterday morning and proceeded to open the Frute Brute – which is the same exact cereal, only orange-cream is traded for cherry. According to my taste buds, Yummy Mummy won the matchup.


Arsenio Watch, Week 2: I quit. I’m not the biggest fan of myself, but I love myself enough to not endure that torture anymore.

I tend to wake up late in the mornings, so I watch a lot of daytime TV, like Jerry Springer and Judge Mathis. Since those shows are geared towards the unemployed, all the commercials are either for payday loans or unaccredited for-profit colleges being pimped by Lil Romeo. One, however, caught my eye recently. It’s for Kaplan University’s School of Nursing, and it stars a cute girl who’s updating her social media profile on her first day of nursing. All her friends and family are getting the message and congratulating her as she goes about her day. Then they show one of the “patients”:

2013-09-12 07.59.04

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! You probably can’t tell because this picture was taken with a tube TV, but this guy looks like one of those soulless CG characters from The Polar Express. Uncanny Valley!!!! Someone had to have complained because I haven’t seen this commercial in a week. I found it on YouTube, and that scene is mysteriously missing:

Who can help me solve this mystery?!

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That ep of the No Topic Required Podcast that I mentioned last week has been posted, and you can listen to it here.

I’m not even gonna play the usual games. Considering all the friends I got to meet, it’s no contest that Retro Con had the West Week Ever. Make sure you follow them all on Twitter!

Me and Howie Decker

Me and Howie

Me and Corey

Me and Corey

Me and Tank

Me and Tank


Howie, Tank, Brian, and Dean

Howie, Tank, Brian, and Dean


See you guys next year, if not sooner!

06th Sep2013

West Week Ever – 9/6/13

by Will



Can I just say that I can’t stand “campers”? Let me explain: campers are the folks who just camp out in a store at the expense of other customers. You know the kids who read the manga on the floor of Barnes & Noble? They’re campers. This came to mind because series 11 of the LEGO Minifigures finally hit Target, but I couldn’t get to them. No, because some mom was too busy doing the squeeze method on the whole fucking box! For those not in the know, LEGO releases blind bags collectible versions of their LEGO minifigures. Since you don’t know what’s inside, the best way to figure it out is by squeezing. We all do it, but there’s got to be a limit. You can’t commandeer the whole cardboard display and squeeze EVERY pack while someone else is waiting. Be considerate!


Apparently fans are upset because the creators on Batwoman walked off due to conflicts with editorial. These reports are nothing new for DC, but it seems the creators wanted Batwoman to marry her girlfriend, Maggie Sawyer. At the end of the day, this is a company-owned character, and that plotline may not have aligned with DC’s future plans for the characters. This is a precarious situation because it makes DC look bad considering that Marvel had no problem with gay marriage when it came to Northstar. The question, however, is whether or not this is a “gay” thing. Typically, fans hate the idea of comic characters getting married, but this is the odd scenario where they’d upset about a wedding not happening. Folks online pointed out that fans tend to care more when it’s a high profile character, and she’s not big enough to fall into that category. Personally, I’ve never liked Batwoman. I didn’t stick with her series long, but it always bothered me that she never really earned her spot in the Bat Family. In the stories, especially her Detective arc, there’s no real reason given as to why she decides to be BATwoman. Why take on that baggage and responsibility? Why not just be the AssKicktress or something? Clearly, it was a corporate thing where they knew slapping a bat on her chest would legitimize her in some way. I think they tried to loop her into the Bat goings on during Batman Inc., but it was too little too late by that point. It was always a gorgeous book, but it was more style than substance. It moved at a glacial pace, and she wasn’t really a likeable character. So, do I want her to be happy? NO! But they can’t kill her, ’cause then that’ll be construed as gay bashing or something. This is what happens when you create a token without a plan.


I’m really curious to see how Arsenio’s gonna do in late night. The landscape has changed since 1994, but there’s definitely a niche for him to fill. For one thing, he’s black. Sure, there’s W. Kamau Bell airing at the same time, but he caters to the uppity blipster crowd. Arsenio is just plain ol’ black. There’s also a hierarchy to late night: if you’re promoting a new movie you go on Letterman or Leno. Kimmel is starting to get in on that. Then, you’ve got Fallon and Ferguson for whoever’s left. Still, there’s something to the fact that Arsenio has mainly been cleared by stations that are also WB affiliates. That network’s “stars” need a showcase, as they’re not getting that Leno invitation. There’s a whole tier of Hollywood that can now benefit from a new, hip show. Look at Breaking Bad – Bryan Cranston has now hit the level to be in Leno or Letterman, but Betsy Brandt is still on that Talking Bad level. She’d be perfect for Arsenio, as she’s a strong player on a hit show. The thing is that Arsenio was *young* and hip, and 20 years have passed. Is he still trying to cater to a young audience, or is he trying to pick up where he left off with the audience that he had? Remember, he didn’t last too long once the late night wars started, and I really don’t see great things now. Anyone remember the Vibe show? Or Magic Johnson’s show? This is just that, in 2013. Since he’s syndicated, he’ll get his first year, but I’m not sure he’ll get more than that. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.


I love this story SO MUCH. If you don’t wanna click the link, here’s the long and short of it: Jennette McCurdy played Sam on iCarly, while Andre Drummond plays for the Detroit Pistons. I’ve always kinda had a thing for the Sam character, as I have an idea as to where her character arc leads her in life; you should ask me about it sometime.  Anyway, Andre tweeted that he had a crush on her and she ended up seeing it, which led to their introduction. Their online flirtation went back and forth, and now they’re a couple! Or so it seems. Anyway, just read the whole story ’cause it’s so much better than my summary.

Did you guys know that there are no Cracker Jack prizes anymore?! I learned this via someone I follow on Instagram. Apparently, when you open up the prize package, it tells you that you can now download your prize from the App Store. I looked into it, and found that you end up with this game:


Lindsay pointed out that more people will probably play this app than would’ve played with the crappy version that would’ve been packed inside. Still, while she’s probably right, it feels like the end of an era.

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This Week’s Posts

Introducing…Track Star!

Thrift Justice – Walk On By

One’s returning to the dog pound, while the other’s being treated like a bitch. One’s waiting for a squeeze, while the other found one. Only one, however, had the West Week Ever.


I’m a sucker for an internet love story. Plus, it’s too soon to judge Arsenio, while the other two things made me mad. So, Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond had the West Week Ever!

30th Aug2013

West Week Ever – 8/30/13

by Will




So, I can’t really start this post without acknowledging MLK and the March on Washington, or else The Council will come after me and my Black License won’t be renewed. In any case, this week marked the 50th anniversary of that day, with events and speakers to commemorate it. Let’s for a minute imagine if the Internet were segregated. Luckily, it’s not but that may not have been the case had it been created 50 years ago. Let’s not get into the science of “How do you segregate the Internet?” I guess you’d use the same kinda filters and shit that China uses. Anyway, if that were the case, I’d have about 3 people reading this post (I know on which side my bread is buttered!). My mom and aunts were at the original march, and I’m thankful they fought so that I didn’t have to. Now, I have the luxury of skipping the commemorative march, and blogging for white people about Power Rangers. Progress! Anyway, the anniversary ain’t winning West Week Ever ’cause there were too many agendas trying to co-opt it from its true intention: to remember the original march and what it stood for. It was NOT a platform for “What would MLK say about drones?”, but that didn’t stop folks from trying. So, the commemoration sucked, but here’s to all those folks who fought the good fight 50 years ago.

The week began with the MTV Video Music Awards, and everything that came with them. I don’t have time to talk about Miley, but I mentioned her, so that should help my SEO score for the week. No, I’m here to talk about *NSYNC. If you didn’t see the show, Justin Timberlake received the Video Vanguard Award, which is like the VMA version of a Lifetime Achievement Award. Before receiving it, however, he performed almost 20 minutes, counting backwards through his hits. Once he hit the *NSYNC era, the guys came out and helped him sing snippets of “Gone” and “Bye Bye Bye”. And then they went bye bye bye.At the end of the day, it was great to see them, and it was nice that Justin dedicated his award to them, seeing as how half of his VMAs were won while he was with the group. Did I want more of a performance from them? Of course, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. And I still don’t know what JC’s “Baby baby” riff was all about there at the end…

Wednesday marked the 20th anniversary of the airing of “Day of the Dumpster” – the first episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. I’ve already documented my relationship to the Power Rangers franchise many times, so this isn’t gonna be a gushfest. If anything, I just can’t believe that it’s been 20 years. I remember watching that episode like it was yesterday, and when it was over, saying “This piece of crap won’t last.” And here we are. If you’ve never watched DotD, here’s the episode, but I warn you that it hasn’t aged well. I will say that I never put two and two together before, but Amy Jo Johnson is clearly responsible for my love of little shorts. Thank the good Lord for little shorts!



Apparently, Alan Shore is gonna be Ultron in the next Avengers movie. Not bad casting. Not bad casting at all!

2013-08-29 14_opt

On the toy front, some of you may have seen my Batman ’66 figures on Instagram. I’m not really a toy review guy, so I’m not gonna get too indepth here. I will say that Penguin is the best of the three that I got. Riddler looks enough like Riddler, but doesn’t really emote as Frank Gorshin. It was really a missed opportunity. As for Batman, his cape is ratty, like they didn’t even try to care when making it. The old Super Powers capes look like something from a Nolan movie compared to this cape. I’m hoping the Batman in the 2-pack with Robin will be better executed. One thing they don’t tell you about those collector’s cards is that the backs seem to form a Batcave diorama. This will be cool once I get all the figures, but it’s still gonna look weird since the cards aren’t taller than the figures.

I was all over the place this week! First, I pseudo-took over UnderScoopFire as I contributed to the following posts:

5 Fashions & Accessories Made Iconic by One Person

9 More Ways AMC Can Try to Trick You Into Watching Low Winter Sun

And if that wasn’t enough, they even invited me on episode #71 of their podcast to discuss Batfleck and other stuff. Listen here.

In the meantime, I’ve hooked up with a little outfit called The Nerds of Color. Basically, we’re nerds of color talking about nerdy shit. You can read my first post for them, “The Comical Life Of Will West: An Origin Tale”, here. And if you’re a nerd of color, ask me how you can join the team!

One said bye one last time, while the other taught your grandma the word “twerk”. One morphed into the public consciousness, while the other set us free at last. Only one, however, had the West Week Ever.

I already said it couldn’t be the march. Twenty years, y’all! Twenty years of dubbed footage and bad acting. It’s like if you kept turning in mediocre grades and they kept promoting you. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Hell out of this franchise, but NOTHING ever made me think it would almost be old enough to drink. Power Rangers has been a juggernaut with unprecedented success. Twenty years ain’t nothing to sneeze at, so that’s why Power Rangers had the West Week Ever.

23rd Aug2013

West Week Ever – 8/23/13

by Will





 I haven’t given a Netflix update in a bit. Once I finished binge-watching The IT Crowd, I found myself watching End of Watch. Let me explain my thought process. You see, The IT Crowd‘s Richard Ayoade was in Ben Stiller’s The Watch. Since I wanted to see more of him, I decided to give that movie a shot. Sadly, however, it’s not on Netflix Streaming. Instead, they recommended End of Watch – a movie I’d wanted to see when I initially saw the trailer, but had completely forgotten existed. So, I decided there was no time like the (then) present, so I watched the movie. It’s pretty much exactly what you think it’d be. Jake Gyllenhaal (ha! I spelled that correctly without even looking it up!) and Michael Pena star as two beat cops who find themselves on the wrong side of the Mexican cartel. Everything you think will happen happens, and the only real unique aspect of it is that it’s from the POV of cameras that Gyllenhaal’s character is using for a class he’s taking. Anna Kendrick’s a nice surprise, even though she looks 16 the whole time…


Next up, I watched Ryan Gosling in Drive. Contrary to what I’d been led to believe, he did way more talking than I expected. I have so many questions, but it’s that kind of movie. I enjoyed it, but it almost tried too hard to be “cool”. Like it wanted that ’80s Miami Vice vibe so badly, but kinda like Peter Griffin’s opinion on The Godfather, it insists upon itself. That said, I still enjoyed it, but it may have been a tad overhyped.


Oh! I forgot to mention that I finally watched G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and I had 3 basic thoughts on it:

1) Jaye Burnett? Its Allison!

2) Why does Firefly sound like a Klan leader?

3) What “elite” force sends EVERYONE into battle? They didn’t leave anyone back at The Pit?!

Overall, it was OK. Not really that much better than the first one, but I’m one of the few people who didn’t have much of a problem with that movie. At the end of the day, this franchise is based on a TOY LINE, so I’m pretty much amazed that they’ve done anything remotely cohesive with it. Still, I think this movie thrives on the injection of star power from The Rock and Bruce Willis. Without them, it would’ve been on even footing with the first one.


It’s rumored that *NSYNC may reunite and perform at the MTV VMAs this Sunday. Before you start with that whole “MTV doesn’t play videos” mess, you can stop ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that! Anyway, Justin’s winning the Video Vanguard award, which is basically their Lifetime Achievement award. Yeah, for the 32 year old. With 2.5 albums. Whatever. Anyway, I should be excited by this prospect, but I’m not. I’d love for them to reunite, but not because of Justin. Sure, he’s been the holdout, but I want a reunion where they’re all on somewhat equal footing. Not to take anything away from Justin, but JC never gets enough credit, and he was the better singer. I’ll be screaming along with the rest of the fangirls, should it happen, but I ain’t happy over the circumstances.



I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here, but I’ve been collecting the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment series of vehicles. I’m not really a Hot Wheels guy, but I felt like I simply had to own these. Well, yesterday, I must’ve stumbled into TRU shortly after they opened a new case, as I was able to get what I believe is the entire next wave of vehicles. Kinda surprised Magnum got a van AND TC’s chopper, but no car? Anyway, I’ve almost got a complete set; I skipped the Muppets bus ’cause I foolishly thought it was part of a different series, and I also sold my KARR because I thought I’d be able to find another one. I thought wrong. So, those, along with the horrible American Graffiti car, are what’s keeping me from a complete collection at this point.

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Buy some stuff from Will’s World of Wonder!

One sexually harassed with the best of them, while the other needs to get those blurred lines checked out. One violated a pink swear with Uncle Sam, while the other is Batman. Only one, however, had the West Week Ever.

Ben Affleck; John Goodman; Kyle Chandler; Barry Livingston; Tate Donovan; Alan Arkin; Victor Carber; Scoot McNairy, Rory Cochran

So, as I was writing this, it was revealed that Ben Affleck will be the next Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. I don’t hate it, but it does fill me with memories of Clooney. People like to bring up Daredevil, but that wasn’t a bad movie. At the time, people didn’t know what to expect. Remember, we’d only had X-Men movies and Spider-Man, and DD was a 3rd-tier Marvel character at the time. If you revisit the Daredevil movie, you’ll find it’s not as bad as you once thought. Oh well, there’ll be plenty of time for web hate about this. It was a slow news week, and this is kind of a big deal. So, for (allegedly) preparing to don the cape and cowl, Ben Affleck had the West Week Ever.

19th Jul2013

West Week Ever – 7/19/13

by Will




Welcome back to the regular edition of West Week Ever. Thanks to everyone who joined me in celebrating 10 yrs with West Decade Ever. It was a good time for introspection to figure out what I want to do next. I’ve got a new feature that I’m just about to pull the trigger on, but it’s gonna be polarizing for longtime readers. Might increase my female readership, though…

One thing I’ve been thinking about is Will’s World of Wonder. I don’t quit things, but maybe it’s time for it to go. It was created to fund the wedding, and it did that.  I can still sell via Amazon and eBay, but maybe I don’t need a storefront.  It hasn’t been “received by the community” the way I’d like. I mean, it’s been successful, but it’s not gangbusters or anything. Then, before I have a pity party, I have to remind myself that nobody asked me to do this. It’s not like I necessarily saw a need. I wanted to do it and I forced it on you. Some folks went along with it, but most kinda kept on moving. I just got invited to open a wholesaler account with Entertainment Earth, but I know where my bread is buttered. I’ve never really done all that well with “new” stuff, as people are more interested in the vintage items I find. If it’s new, I sell it on Amazon. If you want a new case assortment of something, there’s Nerd Rage Toys. You don’t come to me for that. Plus, Dinosaur Toy Vault‘s coming back. So, I guess, in the words of Pippin, “I’ve gotta find my corner of the sky”. Do I keep selling? Do I stick to vintage? Do you all even care? These are all the things rolling around in my head.

Oh, and everyone called me a hater for saying Pacific Rim was gonna flop, but I was just using the evidence. People tend to forget that I know what I’m talking about, and I’m not just talking out of my ass. Read the tagline of this site, y’all! Anyway, it was marketed to geeks and no one outside that realm really cared about it. Still, nobody came to me Monday to say, “You were right, Will”, so I’m gonna pat myself on the back. To all y’all who doubted me, here’s my victory Cat Daddy:



Comic stuff usually gets its own post, but this is gonna be short and to the point: if you love the Adam West Batman, you MUST read Batman ’66. The first issue was released this week, and it’s a pitch perfect addition to the ’60s Batman mythos. It’s so spot-on that I can even hear where the music cues come in. I really haven’t understood the recent push for 60s Batman merchandise, as it’s not an anniversary year or anything. Most folks think they’ll finally announce the long-awaited DVDs this weekend at San Diego Comic Con. The show has been wrapped up in legal red tape for decades, as Warner Bros owns the characters yet Fox owns the show, but the rumor is that a deal might’ve been reached. Anyway, I was a huge fan of that show as a kid, and this comic fits perfectly in that universe.


How did I just discover Regular Show?! I’m kinda anti modern cartoons, so I shit on most Cartoon Network shows that come around these days. After all, the cool kids LOVE Adventure Time and I LOATHE it, so why would Regular Show be any different? I ended up watching a Regular Weekend marathon over the weekend, and fell in love with this show. I love every character, from Mordecai to Rigby to Pops to Benson. Plus, I love cartoons where they’re allowed to mention death. Back in my day, there was a limit to showing blood, but now a show can say “Yeah, that guy’s totally dead.”

2013-07-16 21.09.54

So, I’ve been trying to find fun ways to get in shape without having to go to the boring gym. With that in mind, I decided to join my friend Jeff at his soccer practice this week. Most of the players are African, so that was an experience. I know people joke that Africans are fast, but MY GOD ARE AFRICANS FAST!!! I got the ball and turned my back. I didn’t even hear anything more than the sound of a leaf on the wind, and a large dark man swept in and stole the ball from me. OUT OF NOWHERE! Anyway, I think I disappointed my African brothers that day…

Here’s an update on something. Remember back when I had to return the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier because it was missing parts? Well, I went to Walmart a few weeks back, and look what I saw:

2013-06-13 17.59.30

THAT’S THE SAME HELICARRIER!!!! THEY JUST PUT IT BACK ON THE SHELF!!!! I know because I shook it and everything inside rattled around the way I left it. Otherwise, the parts would’ve been in place with their twisty ties. Walmart has a reputation for this kind of thing, but I’d never seen it happen to something of mine – mainly because I don’t ever return anything. Let this be a lesson: keep your receipts!

One of them had an eventful Saturday night, while the other had a final Saturday night. One pissed off newsstand owners left and right, while the other was too busy extreme cartin’. Only one, however, could have the West Week Ever.



Really, was there any question? Those other 3 couldn’t win. There’d be rioting amongst my 12 readers! Plus the complete first and second seasons of Regular Show were released on DVD this week. Hell, if I had better connections, this would’ve been a sponsored post. I thought about giving it to the Twinkie, but that’s The Robot’s Pajamas’ turf. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve got #SDCC news you need to catch up on, so I’ll cut it off here. See ya next week!

20th Jun2013

So That Was Injustice…

by Will


This morning, around 12:15, I beat Injustice: Gods Among Us on XBox 360. This may not be a big deal to most, but this is the first video game I’ve beaten in about 16 years. You see, I’m not much of a gamer, and the last game I powered through to the end was Super Mario Bros 2 (I beat them out of order: 3, 1, 2). If you’re a long time reader of the site, you might be saying “What about Power Rangers Super Legends?” Well, technically, I never beat it. It just glitched and took me to the ending. Anyway, now that I’ve got this win behind me, I’ve got a few thoughts on the game and the experience.


-When did games become so easy? As I said before, I’m the furthest thing from a “gamer”. Remember, Super Mario Bros 2 came out in 1988 and I didn’t beat it for 9 years. That’s not because I was a slow kid, but mainly because I had no real interest in it after a while. I think Nintendo contributed to my anger management issues, so I’d take year long breaks at a time. Still, NES games took at least a week to beat, and that’s if you were A) GOOD and B) did nothing other than play the game and scour Nintendo Power or the Game Player’s Guide for hints. I, an XBox novice, managed to beat this game within 5 hrs of gameplay. That must mean it took about an hr for the typical gamer. $60 for an hour of fun? I know whores who’ll give you a better return on investment than that!


- I love the Batmobile’s ability to travel anywhere, simply to run over your opponent. In space? No problem. The Batmobile can get there!


- This game made me like Cyborg. He was more…”urban” to me than he ever came across in the comics. Not that that did it for me, but he seemed to actually have more personality than I’d experienced in Titans comics.

- I get most of the alternate universe: good guys are bad, bad guys are good – except Batman. That said, how did Superman get both Black Adam AND Captain Marvel on his side? Hell, how did he get Black Adam on his own? Do I need to read the comic to understand that?


- If you’ve never respected Aquaman, play this game and your opinion will change forever. He is AMAZING.

- I’m really bad at memorizing and executing combos, so I was sure that would keep me from getting far in the game. I couldn’t have been more wrong, which seems almost like a failing of the game. I feel like Doomsday should be harder to beat than simple punches and kicks. I should’ve needed to pull out all the stops, but he was no more difficult to defeat than Sinestro or Grundy. In fact, the only two real challenges are the Batman vs Batman fight, and the Superman vs Superman fight.


- As shitty as the Mattel figures look, the new character designs actually work for me within the confines of the game – even Joker! All of their looks (with the exception of maybe Flash) are functional and make sense within the plot. Like Star Trek‘s Mirror Universe, everything here is dark and “war-ier”, so they should have spikes, armor plates, etc. Mattel just did a terrible job translating them into plastic representations.


- During Wonder Woman’s speech to the Amazons, I got a glimpse of what her fans see in her. It’s probably the best writing she’s had in years, but it still wasn’t enough for me to think she deserves her own movie or TV show. It just goes to show she’d be an integral part of a team project, like a Justice League movie.

-Did NOT see that Nightwing twist coming. If they expand on that in the Injustice comic, I may just have to grab it once it’s collected.

Well, that’s my take on things. I’m new to the whole “next-gen” gaming experience, but I know I need to play more to unlock stuff and earn achievements. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually. Keep in mind I got the 360 as a wedding gift. The wedding was in October, and I’m just now getting around to testing it out. So, check back in a year or so, once everyone has moved on to the X Box One. Ha! I barely got that sentence out. Anyway, what were your thoughts on Injustice? Have you read the comics?

11th Jun2013

Thrift Justice – Rocky and the Riders

by Will


It hasn’t been all bad on the thrifting scene. Yesterday, I showed a bunch of stuff that I left behind, but I have been able to find a few gems lately. So, without further ado…

2013-06-08 20.37.22

I’m gonna lose the respect of a lot of y’all, but I’ve never seen this movie before. I’ve said before that I’m not a Movie Guy, and that’s the truth. Usually, however, I end up making up for it by watching them when they come on TV. Still, when does this come on? Is it a Halloween movie? A Christmas movie? Is this grounds for debate like whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie? Anyway, I couldn’t pass it up for under $2. I’ll just add it to the shelf of DVDs I Hope To Watch Before I Die.

2013-06-08 20.38.39

When this first came out, I thought it was pretty stupid. All these years later, I’m still not sure if my opinion has changed. What has changed, however, is the dawn of the Articulated Comic Book Art (#acba) genre. If you’re not big into Instagram, these are guys who pride themselves on taking really cool pictures of action figures, using unique lighting, dioramas, etc. While this is a bit of a lackluster playset, it would make a great ACBA backdrop. The only thing that sucks about it is the “Statue of Liberty” sign, as if no one knew without that.

2013-06-08 20.40.24

As you can see, it’s missing one of the head spires, but I’m not sure that’s really a big deal. That can be hidden well enough from the right angle. Still, I haven’t decided if I’m gonna keep it or sell it. Considering how much space it would take up in a Detolf, I’m leaning towards selling.

2013-06-08 20.45.02

This bad boy is complete., as I learned after 2 hours of parts inspection. Can you say “Cha-ching”?

2013-06-08 21.43.29

2013-06-08 21.43.37

I own Arkham Asylum. Got it Black Friday. Haven’t even opened it. My 360 makes me feel guilty, as I have all these games to play, but spend all my time in thrift stores and working on these various sites. I mean, I haven’t even opened Injustice yet! Anyway, this came with the collector’s edition of Arkham Asylum, and you can see there’s a nice life-sized Batarang inside the case. I couldn’t pass this up for $4, so this is definitely in the Keep pile.

2013-06-09 19.19.46

I tried reading this 20 yrs ago when I was first getting into comics, and it bored the shit out of me. Over the years, however, all the industry muckety-mucks couldn’t stop praising it, so I didn’t hesitate to snatch it up when I saw it on the “Humor” shelf. Silly thrift store!

2013-06-09 19.22.49

Before we smelled what he was cooking, “Rocky Maivia” was more of a jester pinata. For those not in the know when it comes to the WWE, this is how The Rock looked when he debuted. This figure is from the pre-Mattel Jakks era, but I don’t care. My Undertaker collection has been discussed, but I also collect figures of other wrestlers I love, like The Rock, Brodus Clay, and AJ Lee. This guy’s going right up there on the shelf with them.

2013-06-09 20.37.54

This is a Kivat Belt from Kamen Rider Kiva – not that I knew that when I snatched it up. I happened to see it on the thrift store shelf, and I know Bandai products when I see them. So, immediately I knew it came from the sentai family, even if I didn’t know from where. Once I saw the Japanese on the battery compartment, I knew I’d hit paydirt (especially for $1.91!). It turns out these things have gone for around $60 online recently.

2013-06-09 20.38.04

Anyway, the Kivat is the transformation device in Kamen Rider Kiva. Since I’d never seen the show before, I decided  to watch the pilot on YouTube, and it made no sense whatsoever. We’re not here for a recap, but here’s what you need to know. The little bat guy is sentient and flies around. When it’s time for transformation, it bites the human on the finger, turning him into a Kamen Rider.

2013-06-09 20.37.59

The belt also included these power cell things. I’m sure some sentai fan will correct me in the comments as to their actual name. Originally, there were 6, but this one only had 2. When they’re placed in the Kivat’s mouth, he speaks Japanese and his eyes turn the corresponding color.

2013-06-09 20.39.04

2013-06-09 20.38.49

The belt’s worn upside down, and when transformed, Kamen Rider Kiva looks something like this:


Well, that’s it for this edition. Thanks for playing along, and we have a lovely parting gift in the form of the home edition of our game. Until next time!

31st May2013

West Week Ever – 6/1/13

by Will



During a recent marathon, a sad thought occurred to me – who were the Golden Girls‘ friends before the show? They went from strangers to best friends in such a short amount of time. Now, this isn’t so uncommon, due to proximity and the amount of time they spent together. Still, what did they do before answering that ad on the grocery store bulletin board? Who listened to Rose’s St. Olaf stories? To whom did Blanche brag about her sexual conquests? To whom was Dorothy a bitch? OK, that was clearly Stanley Zbornak, but still… Once they became roommates, they became all that each other had. I’m glad they found each other, but it just makes me think about the elderly folks who don’t have a group of friends like that. I always joke that I was raised by the “Black Golden Girls”, and I don’t know what they’d do if they didn’t have each other. That’s not something I really like thinking about…

Last week, I told you about my trip to NJ, but I forgot to post my meager toy haul. You can’t have a road trip without toy stops!

2013-05-19 22.21.32

It appears the latest wave of Hot Wheels Pop Culture Collection cars have hit stores, as I didn’t even know these existed. They don’t get me as excited as the first series, but I had to have them for completion and all that. It seems like the cars in series 1 were iconic in spite of their movies, while series 2 seems to be comprised of obscure cars from hit movies/shows (with the exception of the Back to the Future DeLorean). I mean, I can’t even remember Axel Foley’s car, and this certainly isn’t the car that comes to mind when remembering Ferris Bueller. I think Hot Wheels is just fleecing us at this point, ’cause they know we’re completists.

2013-05-19 22.24.18

Out of the LEGO minifigures, only 3/5 were new figures for me. So, if anyone needs a Roman soldier or an Ogre, let me know!

I was cleaning the “store” and ran across some notes from Diamond. A really good quote that every prospective comic creator should know is:

“All these guys who want to do comics in the worst way do them the worst way.”

It means that a lot of small press comics come from a place of passion, yet there’s nothing professional about them. We used to call these “vanity projects”, as these guys really just wanted to walk into a comic shop and see their names on something. What they don’t realize is that their shop probably ain’t even gonna carry it unless the creator has a relationship with the shop owner. Passion is not a substitute for preparation. I think that’s valuable advice for many things in life.


I’ve written about my love of SiriusXM before, but I have to gush about their newest channel, Comedy Central Radio. I was really into Raw Dog Comedy, but they were playing too many Andrew Dice Clay deep cuts. I do miss some of the regular shows, like the Alternative Comedy Show with Mark Says Hi, as well as Besser’s Back Room. That said, CCR plays selections from Comedy Central’s library – a lot of which I missed by not having cable growing up. They don’t seem to really play too much old stuff, though. Right now, there’s a lot of Tosh and Amy Schumer – just like the TV network. Still, I’m finally hearing bits that are new to me, as I was really getting tired of the constant loop of Carlos Mencia talking about Bill Clinton lying about the blowjob.


I like to think I’m “in the know” when it comes to popular stuff, but I didn’t know a thing about Uniqlo until this week. I was reading a really old GQ (December 2011, to be exact), and there was a profile on The Unique Clothing Warehouse, now stylized as Uniqlo. Basically, they’re trying to out-H&M H&M and out-Gap The Gap. They don’t look at clothing as “fashion”, but rather as a necessary commodity. They feel everyone should have equal access to said commodities, so they keep prices low. So, their pricing is like H&M, but their styles are solids and wardrobe basics like those carried at The Gap. To hear the corporate culture of the place, though, it sounds like a cult. They have mantras like this:

Uniqlo is the elements of style.

Uniqlo is a toolbox for living.

Uniqlo is clothes that suit your values.

Uniqlo is how the future dresses.

Uniqlo is beauty in hyperpracticality.

Uniqlo is clothing in the absolute.

Anyway, I kinda wanna check out their clothes, but I know I’m still too fat for fashion. Nope, it’s just the TJ Maxx clearance rack until I lose another 20 lbs or so…

from the Marvel Cinematic Universe facebook page

from the Marvel Cinematic Universe facebook page

This image was released of The Winter Soldier from the set of the upcoming Captain America sequel. Say what you will, but I think it shows the weakness of the Captain America concept that the sequel is The Winter Solider. Don’t get me wrong – it’s an amazing saga, but it’s like doing the second Batman movie and making it about No Man’s Land. You kinda need to have established the world before jumping into those concepts. Winter Solider is Cap 3 material, not Cap 2. What would’ve been a better idea for Cap 2? I honestly don’t know. There aren’t a ton of iconic Cap storylines. I guess they could’ve done the one where he runs for President. Otherwise, a lot of his major character beats happened during Avengers stories.


Oh, for those not familiar with the Winter Soldier, you saw the first movie, right? Remember when Bucky fell off the train? Well, in the comic, he’s not dead. The Soviets find him and turn him into this amazing assassin called The Winter Soldier. He has that name because he’s cryogenically frozen between jobs, so he’s been carrying out major assassinations over the past 60 years, and they just put him on ice until he’s needed. He’s brainwashed, so doesn’t remember being Bucky Barnes. So, that means half the movie will just be Cap vs. Bucky until they both realize who the other is. Maybe Cap 2 ends with Steve Rogers dying, so Bucky can take the shield in Cap 3. This is what happened in the comics, and I’m sure Marvel wouldn’t blink if contract negotiations don’t go well with Chris Evans next time everyone’s at the table.


(The following was a Twitter rant, but I felt it bears repeating, especially for the fools who choose not to follow me.)

I’d explain my issues with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but everyone’s excited about it, and nobody cares about the dissenter. Fine, here it goes. The problem is with it’s structure. It’s in the same universe as the movies. That’s HORRIBLE. On the one hand, it can debut characters not worth their own movie. On the other hand, no broad strokes can be made because it essentially has to “Dance between the raindrops of continuity” of the movies. This has NEVER been done before. Sure, you have spinoff shows, but never a spinoff operating concurrently with an ongoing FILM franchise. Even when Power Rangers did it, it wasn’t canon. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie never happened as far as the show is concerned. And those are just my problems with structure. It doesn’t even get into the Whedon problems. He’s the Gail Simone of TV. He doesn’t have fans – he has DISCIPLES, and they’re never objective about his stuff. Just blind followers. Another issue is Coulson. He always seemed like a “less is more” character to me. Avengers was almost too much. I’m fine with shorts, but the last thing I want is a weekly one hour dose of him. It neuters his concept. Finally, you run into the Birds of Prey problem: no matter how much fans claim they’re fine with the characters they’re lying. They’re secretly hoping the big guys (Avengers) will show up, which will never happen.


Did you know that Will’s World of Wonder is now on Facebook? Well, it is! Come on over and give us a Like. Also, don’t forget – now until 6/3, use coupon code “memorial” via Google Checkout for 20% off EVERYTHING. Please! My children need wine!

Meanwhile, go read this post that I wrote over at Cool & Collected filled with yard sale tips!

Fans demanded their return, while another made it so with a slice. One teabagger used to be a pimp, while another is giving Marion Barry’s legacy a run for its money. Only one, however, could have the West Week Ever!

This week was rough. I mean, Arrested Development rose from the ashes, but folks thought Patrick Stewart, at 73, ate his first slice of pizza. Meanwhile, James Lipton admitted to having been a pimp in Paris, and Toronto’s mayor smokes crack with reckless abandon! Who really deserves it?!

I enjoyed Arrested Development when it was on, but I was never a devoted fan. Also, I haven’t seen this new season yet. Patrick Stewart’s had pizza – he just hadn’t had a NY slice before, so that kills the wind in that sail. James Lipton celebrated the 250th episode of  Inside The Actor’s Studio AND admitted to Parade Magazine that he had been a pimp. With whores and everything! Meanwhile, Rob Ford is simply unstoppable. I haven’t done this before, but this week, I’m leaving the choice up to you, the reader! So, tell me: Who had the West Week Ever?


UPDATE - In light of new information, a new player has entered the arena. I’d like to congratulate my bud, Howie Decker, and his wife on the birth of their second son, Lucas Daniel Decker. Forget all the celebrities – I think it’s safe to say the Deckers are having the West Week Ever!


08th May2013

Thrift Justice: YSE – Back To School

by Will


Yes, it’s back – Thrift Justice: Yard Sale Edition. It’s all in the name, folks. The sun is shining, garage doors are opening, and the baseball cards are overpriced. It’s yard sale season, kids! I actually started hitting sales about a month ago, but I haven’t really gotten much worthy of a blog post (except that awesome McDonalds playset you probably saw Joe Colton shooting up on Instagram – add me: williambrucewest). Last weekend was noteworthy for another reason. You see, my thrifting buddy, “Special Forces”, actually just moved into my apartment complex. So, I asked if he wanted to come along, and he replied “Absolutely.” Seeing as how it was also Free Comic Book Day, as well as the monthly Civitan Flea Market, we had a busy day ahead of us.

At the first sale, I ended up being guilted into buying an ass-old World Atlas. The lady was giving me the hard sell, and all I could say was, “Look at all the countries that no longer exist!” Still, it was only $2, and I’m a sucker for a nice wall map, which was included with the atlas. No pics, ’cause you don’t care. Trust me.

Next, we hit up a community sale going on at an elementary school. Man, was this sale perfect! After parking, I immediately saw a table surrounded by 7 yr old boys, and I knew I’d hit paydirt (No MJ!). These kids are the age to have owned the stuff I’m after. It also helped that they had a framed All-Star Batman and Robin: The Boy Wonder poster leaning against the table. I immediately started picking through a tub on the ground, which was filled with action figures. I grabbed all the DC stuff I could find, while the boys tried to have a conversation with me. One tried to give me the hard sell on a Simpsons season 9 DVD set. He knew the retail price and everything! I told him I was going to pass, but thanks. I noticed a lot of Superman stuff, and asked, “So, are you guys Superman fans?” One replied, “Yeah, we were when we were little.” I mentioned they were 7, right? It’s cute how much kids want to be older; it’s nothing but stress and taxes – you don’t want none of this, kid! While picking through the box, the dad tells me that they actually just sold a set of the “big Justice League figures” to someone before I got there. I don’t know if he meant the 10″ or if he meant DC Universe Classics. That’s gonna bother me for weeks to come. Then, one kid said, “There are other Justice League guys somewhere.” He disappeared, and came back with a small tub filled with DC Super Heroes Superman, Batman, and Bizarr0. I snatched up the latter two, and threw them in the back the dad provided me. Here’s what I ended up with:

2013-05-06 00.28.21

Oh, and I remember the Batman poster I mentioned, well…

2013-05-08 09.46.02

The wife was PISSED! The kids and dad couldn’t really figure out a price. Dad said $2 each, but mom jumped in and said she had paid about $50 from AllPosters.com ’cause they frame them and send them to ya. Not sure if they were fighting or if Dad was deaf, ’cause I got them both for $4. I didn’t even need it, as I have the retailer version of the poster (which is the same size), but it was such a beautiful frame job, and I couldn’t pass up that price! I grabbed my spoils, and basically ran before they changed their mind. SF didn’t get anything at that sale, so off we went to find more stuff!

Since the elementary school had been so successful, we decided to stick with the education theme, and we hit up a high school having a sale. They were raising money for their marching band, and I figured they’d be just old enough to want to get rid of their toys because they were “too old for them now”. A) the sale sucked B) the dork manning the toy area said something I hate: “Are these for your kids?” Look, I understand that it’s a valid question, but I feel we live in a world today where that’s almost as bad as asking a woman if she’s pregnant. Does it matter if they’re for my kids? Sometimes, I’ve gone along with the “lie”, and said “Yeah”, but then they usually ask me how old my kids are, and I stand there stuttering. Yes, I’m either buying this for me, or I might resell it, but we’re not here for my life story. We’re here for my dollars and your “junk”.

Anyway, since the sale sucked, we continued on to a neighborhood sale that claimed it was going to have 30+ families. Once we got there, it became apparent that our lack of knowing Japanese might hurt us. Everyone there was Japanese, and looked at us like “Where did you come from?” Still, I like Japanese stuff (sentai!), so I didn’t care. Almost immediately, SF picked up a Kamen Rider OOOs game thing. I describe it as such because we still don’t know what it is. It had cards and tokens, and little figurines, and was boxed like a board game. Still, my eBay searches have proved fruitless in identifying it. He also picked up some of those plug-n-play joystick games. After rummaging through some boxes, I found these:

2013-05-07 09.24.39

If you’ve been here before, you know I like Power Rangers. My favorite season, however, was Power Rangers: RPM which was based on the Japanese Engine Sentai Go-Onger. These are essentially yearbooks to the series, highlighting all the characters and tech from the show. Despite finding his Kamen Rider game, said he was so jealous that I found these. I’d promise to show y’all the interiors at a later date, but I always suck at fulfilling that promise.

2013-05-04 11.14.45

After finishing up at that sale, we decided to take the trip down to Arlington for the flea market. Bottom line, it sucked this month. It sucked so bad that I probably won’t go back until around September or so. Everything either wasn’t up my alley or it was overpriced. I wish I had taken a pic of the messed up Marvel Legends Dr. Strange that a woman had the gall to charge $2 for. If you think that’s not too high, look at this Chris Jericho figure to see the quality of her wares:

2013-05-04 11.17.29

WHAT HAPPENED TO Y2J?!!!! It’s like he was the victim of a bulldog gone HORRIBLY wrong! And she was charging money for this that didn’t have “cents” in the price.

2013-05-04 11.51.07

This was another swindle. I’ve run into this a lot since this yard sale season started. Resellers, take note: if you’re going to completely overcharge for something you found in a thrift store, at least have the decency to remove the thrift store’s price from it before you try to sell it. Look in the lower left side corner, where it says “$1.61″. Yeah, I know that price, because it’s the same charcoal pencil used by the thrift store I frequent. If she got it on a Monday or Thursday, it only cost her $1.20. She, however, wanted $15. I don’t begrudge her, as that’s not an insane asking price, but it’s a matter of laziness and lack of professionalism. Then again, it is a flea market, so maybe I expect too much…

2013-05-04 11.21.18

I almost pulled the trigger on these. I used to have the whole Dick Tracy series except for The Brow and The Blank, but never found the cars. Forever, I thought maybe they were an urban legend. I eventually say one in the wild, but it was too high. This guy was only charging $30 per car, which wasn’t too bad at all. I only had $30 with me, though, and I didn’t want to blow it all on one thing. So, I left them there. Not really regretting it, but they were still awesome to see. Of course, once I finally did buy something, I got swindled.

2013-05-06 00.40.07

Few people know this about me (especially online, since I only rant about toys and comics), but I’m a bit of a watch whore. I’ve been this way since I was 2, and I just LOVE watches. Most people replace the battery when their watches stop, but I just buy a new watch. I go through watches the way most people go through cell phones. I just love them, and I love getting new, unique ones. So, I was intrigued when I saw the watch above. The girl at the table said it was an LED watch, and tried to show me the sample. Unfortunately, someone had dropped it, so the LEDs didn’t work so well. I thanked her, and SF and I moved on to where we saw the Dick Tracy cars. Once that was done, I went back to the watch table, and the husband was there now. I asked a few more questions, and sensing my skepticism, he said he’d sell me the sample for $5 instead of the $10 they charged for new ones. I said, “No, someone dropped the sample! She just told me that.” He assured me that he was actually wearing that one, and had just opened the sample once he got back to the table. I searched the girl’s face to see if “fear of a beating/a smirk” crept across her visage. I couldn’t read her, so I agreed to the $5. He even said, “You can test it if you want”, but I was so tired of the place, I just said “I trust you” and I left. Stupid, stupid Will…

2013-05-06 00.38.47

How it works: push the button on the side, and the time is supposed to show up in LEDs inset in the band. First off, it’s not a watch you can really wear in the daylight. Nor can you wear it in the rain. Once I tested it, I realized this was the sample. Oh, that’s supposed to read “12:55″ up there. Then, I looked at the manual, and realized it was probably shitty to begin with. Forget dropping it – this thing is crappy through its mere existence. Look at this shit:

2013-05-06 00.39.08

If the manual to your new anything reads like a spam comment on a blog, you might’ve gotten swindled!

In all, it was a good weekend, but you’ve just seen the low points of our travels. Oh, and I lost Free Comic Book Day trivia. Apparently, I didn’t know where Dr. Strange was born. SF told me he wasn’t sure he wanted me to give him a ride after my loss. So, I left him there! No, I didn’t. Or did I?