07th Jun2013

West Week Ever – 6/7/13

by Will


This week’s gonna be brief, as I’m Westing from the road. This post explains where & why.

I loved this video I came across on Facebook. Any kid who grew up in the 90s knows Jason David Frank, aka The Green Ranger. Well, they’re filming a special anniversary episode of Power Rangers in New Zealand, and several past Rangers have agreed to take part. JDF decided to film a video diary of the affair, and this is the first part:

Is it just me, or does anyone else get the impression that Samurai Green and the redhead (Lightspeed Rescue Pink) smashed that night? Pretty sure she put a hotel key in his backpack…

This was an interesting read on young atheists, looking at how they came to adopt that philosophy. Even if I’m not a great one, I’m still a believer, though I feel there’s some great stuff in this article for everyone.


Hop over to my Instagram, and see my Avengers Helicarrier pic. Funny thing about that. Back in this post you’ll remember that I was having trouble selling my Helicarrier on Craigslist. I guess everything happens for a reason, as I just couldn’t seem to move it. In the meantime, I decided to open e Helicarrier that I’d bought for myself. Turns out 1/3 of the parts were missing. All the missile launchers, stickers, and the instructions. Not there. I didn’t notice at first, as I didn’t really think about the stickers, but I knew I was missing the missiles. Then I noticed the missile launcher was missing from the pod module. I also found it odd there were no instructions, but it was fairly simple to put together, so I didn’t think much of it. When I was done, however, I also noticed there were flaps and storage doors missing. That was the one I had planned to sell! You can see that one on the right. I decided to check the other one, and it was complete, as seen on the left. I ended up keeping it and took the other one back to Walmart.

I had the pleasure of joining the guys over at the MadCastPodcast to discuss this week’s episode of Mad Men. We discussed Sharon Tate, dirty hippies, and cockpunches. Be sure to check it out here!

This Week’s Posts

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Cornell_Big_RedPosting from an iPad is a bitch, so I don’t have my regular collage maker. Since it’s Reunions, and it’s where I am as I write this, Cornell University had the West Week Ever.

22nd May2013

Collegiate Conundrum OR Reunited and Feels So Bad?

by Will

That bear ain’t fuckin’ around! And, yes, I’m the Real Life Andy Bernard

I can’t follow up a Best of the West just with any old thing! So, I’m not really gonna try. At the moment, I’m trying to figure out if I should go to my 10 year college reunion. It’s in 2 weeks, and I really have no desire to go. Facebook has eliminated the need for these in-person gatherings, and it’s just too much of a hassle to get up there. Now, the problem: since I graduated, my mother’s been donating. Don’t get it twisted – it’s not like we have something named for us up there. She just sends what little she can in order to thank them for my scholarship. So, they’re honoring the donors at a special reception, and she wants to go. So, I may have to not only go to my college reunion, but also go with my mother. This is the kind of thing that could ONLY happen to me! So, as I figure my stuff out, here’s some footage of my a cappella group, Last Call, at our 15th anniversary concert. Watch the whole thing, or just skip to 00:27:28 for the stuff where I can be seen.